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E-bike, City Bike with twist grip accelerator, CF 63

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Cycling is possible with the nordwerk E-Bike C 63 even without pedaling.
The Nordwerk E-Bike CF 63 can also drive , without having to occur . It has a twist grip and can be ridden like a moped.
However, the CF 63 owned a pedal sensor which occur on the pedals activates the motor and that the driver up to 25 km/h - Supports 30 km/h.
Both drive options is also a parallel use possible.
( E-bikes are more than 6 km / h without pedal-assist (only with handtrottle) insurance , helmet and license fee ( moped driving privilege or driver's license) and may only be used on bike paths that are enabled for mopeds . )
 The CF 63 ​​E- Bike can be both driven purely electrically , as well as in mixed mode . Muscle power and electric motor are independent.
Wattage: 250w                                       Voltage: 36V
Battery: Lithium-ion battery 10 AH Panasonic
Wheel Size: 28 "                                     Engine: Maintenance-free motor impulses , brushless
Certification: CE                                      Frame Material : Aluminum Alloy
Tires: Kenda 28 * 1.75                             Speed ​​: 25km/h - 30 km/h
Range: 70-90 km                                      Brand Name: Nordwerk
Weight: 21 kg                                            Model Number: CF 63
Model : Electronic touring                          Frame height: 52 cm
Traction over conventional throttle on the handlebars without kicking up 25km/h also be throttled on request
The CF 63 ​​E- Bike has degree also by the fact that it can take up to 25km/h without pedal assistance , no road traffic approval.
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